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Pet Sitting
Cat Stanly
We visit your home to feed and care for your Pets!

Pet Sitting is when a Pet Sitter will visit your pets at your home to care for them while you are away. They will ensure your pet is well cared for by feeding your pets, changing their water, cleaning up after them, playing with them and being attentive to any changes in your pet’s behaviour or well-being. They will also perform security checks including bringing in the mail, putting out the bins, switching lights on and off, opening and closing curtains and being alert to any abnormal occurrences. You can also ask for extra services such as dog walking, hydrobathing,watering the plants, cleaning the pool, cleaning pet cages, and pretty much anything you like!! At iSocial Pet Sitters we are happy to care for all pets great and small including dogs, cats, birds, fish, guinea pigs, chickens, reptiles, etc.

All of our Pet Sitters are of the highest standard and have been through a complete training program.The most important requirement of all our Pet Sitters is that they must display a passion for animals, most of them having extensive professional experience or qualifications. They have been security screened and all hold a current Police Record Check and have been reference checked from previous employees. Please feel free to request a reference list, for your local Pet Sitter, from previous pet sitting clients.
All new clients are required to have an initial interview to meet their Pet Sitter. This meeting is beneficial to both you and your Pet Sitter as you are able to meet your Pet Sitter face-to-face and can show them around your home. You will show them what you would like them to do and most importantly, they will meet your pets.They will give you a Service Agreement Form for you to complete and will answer any questions you may have. This initial interview is only needed once as we try and make sure that your Pet Sitter remains the same whenever you book our services again. If you are ever assigned a different Pet Sitter, you can have an interview with them at no charge.

Smutch the 18 year old dog
Benefits of Pet Sitting
Pet Sitting ensures that your pet stays in their own environment while you are away. An owner being absent is a stressful time for a pet and the best thing you can do to keep them comfortable is to leave them in their own environment with familiar smells and routine. Boarding Facilities can present added stressful situations for your pet such as unfamiliar surroundings, other unknown pets, flea infestations and more. iSocial Pet Sitters prides itself on proffesionalism, with a GUARANTEE that we will always carry out all services promised.

Some independent Pet Sitting companies have been known to cancel at the last minute, leaving the client frantic, searching for pet care before they go away iSocial Pet Sitters offers a professional alternative to leaving your pets with a family member or having your neighbour pet sit for you.This saves you having to burden those around you and gives you peace of mind that a professional is available to provide the service for you.

The price of Pet Sitting is also a benefit.With one pet the price is comparable to a stay in a boarding kennel and with multiple pets you actually save money. The price structure is competitive no matter how long you are away and please feel free to compare our service, quality and cost to other pet care  services.
You don’t need to book months in advance like boarding facilities and you no longer have to worry about taking that spontaneous holiday on the weekend. For your first booking we ask that you book at least 5 days in advance to give time for your initial interview, after that we need as little as 3 days notice!
short/long stay or just dropping in and check up on everything
contact us for more info

Pet sitting includes the following services:

  • Day and night feeding
  • Playtime and exercise
  • Administering medications
  • Mail/Newspaper collection
  • Poop Scoop
  • Trash/Recycling to/from curb
  • Water house plants
  • Water outdoor plants/lawn
  • Lots of love and affection!
  • (Current police clearance and fully insured
  • iSocialpet is a registered business )

Pet Sitting Prices

** Dog sitting, Puppy sitting & Cat sitting
1 daily visit without walking $20

Additional Pet $15

If you are going away and want the best care for your little friends, please book our home visit/Pet Sitting services NOW.

15% Discount for Regular Clients
Holders of seniors Card and Or Pension Card 20% off
Public Holiday a surcharge of 25% applies
** Please note we charge per calendar day, not per night.

** Small animals (without dogs or cats)
All small animals $15per visit
(Tanks, cages and hutches counted as one pet all )

All Payments due as soon as booking has been accepted by iSocial Pets ( Unless other arrangements have been made) . Payment is preferably by Electronic Funds transfer or cash
(Credit card payments only via PayPal there is no need to be a member of Paypal to pay anyone )

All Payments due as soon as booking has been accepted by iSocial Pets ( Unless other arrangements have been made) . Payment is preferably by Electronic Funds transfer or cash
(Credit card payments only via PayPal there is no need to be a member of Paypal to pay anyone )
Hours of operation: 7am - 5pm Monday to Friday
Day Care:
Drop off times: 7am-9am

Pick up times: 4pm-5pm

Boarding Drop off times 4pm-5pm
Boarding Pick up time before 10AM or extra charge may apply

CLOSED Weekends and Public Holidays



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